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Dance is the hidden language of soul




This design, No. 6 Laboratory (No. 6 Lab), which is a dancing lab of performing, music, dance along with the design. The building of No. 6 Lab is kind of western style mansion and emerges in 60-70's commercial area in Taipei city. The entrance of No. 6 Lab is unusually on the 5th floor, though it's a 2-story design. The 5th floor area equips concierge desk, dancing classrooms, working area along with private room for the artist. No. 6 Lab occupies 123.7m2. On the other hand, the 4th floor is totally 130m2 with a multi - function stage for either performing arts, dancing classroom and presence. It also contains some facilities such as a private rest area for artist, meeting and locker room.


For a forty year old building retouching engineering difficulty, the limited height of space and to reduce the vibration, noise when dancing, we take floating floor measurements to get over all aforesaid and get another benefit of protection of dancer feet collusion on the floor. Of course, all above technical measurements are both take concise and ecology into account. Besides this, such as the iron rust and concrete mold on the wall was made of ecological painting from Italy. This treatment makes space presence noteworthy and vivid as images talk.


We are lucky to have an opportunity to work with the owner of No. 6 Lab together. Trust and clever owner make this design successfully. We get rid of everything unnecessary because we cherish the origin merits of the material, like texture, touch, lust, temperature, etc... Sunlight and flow of air will be another success in this design for less consume power and reduce humidity for ecological solution.


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